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An Independent Firm Specializing in Mergers and Acquisitions

Notre mission: dépasser les attentes de nos clients
en maximisant la valeur de leur entreprise.


Our clients have revenue of not less than $5 Million.

We help buyers to build world class companies. They seek to accelerate the growth of their business by making strategic acquisitions in Canada or abroad.

We also represent entrepreneurs who wish to sell their businesses as a result of strategic thinking. We help sellers maximize the value of their business.



For more than 25 years, we have been creative in generating business opportunities for our clients.

Our determination brings concrete results by creating value for all the stakeholders including the shareholders of companies.

We favour the development of long term relationships with our clients and partners.

We value respect and integrity in our relationships with our customers and our business partners.

The Right Partner for Sellers

We work closely with the owner to structure the transaction to best meet their objectives, while also ensuring the continued long-term success of the company. North Brookside intends to carry on the legacy and culture of the company.

Investment Focus

We seek to purchase a majority or complete stake in one growing service company. The company should have the following characteristics:

  • $5 – $40 million of annual revenue
  • $1 – $5 million of annual cash flow
  • Repeat and reliable revenue sources

Our Team

Founded by Benjamin Berg, North Brookside is backed by successful entrepreneurs, investors, and operators who bring decades of experience growing businesses in many industries. The team is fully committed and aligned to finding a business to grow for many years.